EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! - Because there have been some issues with photo quality, I will review the uploaded photos first to make sure the file is usable. When a client submits a bad reference photo that is blurry and shows their pet without much detail, it is very difficult to work with. However, if that is the only photo reference that is available, I will make every attempt is made to paint the pet as close to the original as possible. As a reminder, photos taken in natural light (outdoors or near windows) work best. The pet's face should be properly lit and not be in too much shadow. When the sun is directly above, it creates harsh shadows and we don't want that. If sending an indoor photo, I need to be able to see the pet's eyes, nose and ears clearly. The pet should be sitting, facing the camera directly.

NOTE: If you are sending me a photo taken by a professional photographer, you assume liability with regards to permissible use of that photo. 



Q: How long does the process take?
A: Turnaround time is 5-10 business days.

Q: Are these paintings?
A: They are digital (made on a computer) creations using various techniques including computer brushes for painting, composites, textures and layering. They are technically a cross between a digital painting and photo edit. These are done "by hand" so to speak but I do work off of a photo.

Q: Do you only do Dogs/Cats?
A: Nope! In fact, I would love to add a variety of pets to my collection :D (Sorry, no people).